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Focusing on Our Well-Being Part 2

We are officially in Phase 2! What an odd feeling to be able to dine out and go shopping in the physical stores again. It has been incredibly difficult for a lot of us, but we made it through. As our lives enter to a new stage of this pandemic, let us remember to take care of our own well being first. Many times, we put ourselves last. We have so many things to do, so many people to care for. But if we are not in the right mind space, we are impeding our own effectiveness in our daily task. Here are the remaining few insights that I have picked up from Yale University Professor Laurie Santos's lecture, The Science of Well Being, which I hope will help.

03 Check your surroundings

Our environment affects our mood more than we think, it also has the power to affects our judgement. In the study on food and surrounding, they noted that those with junk food on display have a higher chance of having obesity. Surround yourself with things that increases your mood. It would be photos of memorial locations or things that are aesthetically pretty.

One of the best feedbacks from our customers is for our hand towels. Whenever they wash their hand, admittedly a lot more during this period, they would notice the embroidery on the towel and be reminded of all the memories that comes with it.

04 Replace your emotions

It is usually difficult to focus on more than one emotion. Instead of fear, anxiety, anger, replace it with gratitude. Other than thinking of just the good memories, think about how you would feel if that never happened. With your family, imagine if you didn't have them in your life, or your current job, what was it like before having this job or when you were finding a job. Bring yourself back to the first day of work, or the emotions you felt the first time you met your child or your partner. Asking ourselves those questions, or putting ourselves back in those situations will give us a deeper appreciation of where we are and what we have today.

05 Social Connection

Based on the research by the Harvard Study of Adult Development, one of the world's longest studies of adult life. The happiest people in the world are the ones those who have good relationships. Investing in your relationships could come in many forms, 5 love languages are good way to do that. Though some aspects of those languages like "physical touch" and "acts of services" might be difficult for those who are apart right now, but there are still many things that we can done actively with technology. Send a gift, video call, write a letter etc!

But beyond our intimate relationship, even simple small talk to strangers you meet along the way give a boost to our mood. Give an encouraging word to the counter staff or your delivery man will usually put the both of you in a better mood.


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